Text Messaging

Cable & Wireless introduces Global SMS, another medium of communication that allows you to stay in touch via your mobile handset with friends, family and business associates, anytime, anyplace for one affordable fixed rate. Global SMS will allow Cable & Wireless customers in all 12 Islands that make up the Cable & Wireless Caribbean region, to send and receive inter-carrier text messages from wireless subscribers in over 55 countries around the world.

With Global SMS, Cable &Wireless customers will now be able to send SMS text internationally to subscribers affiliated with carriers such as Cingular and T-Mobile in North America or Vodafone in the United Kingdom, to name a few. This will be in addition to the ability to text messaging in the domestic markets and between regional Cable & Wireless markets. It will also allow Cable & Wireless subscribers to receive SMS text messages from wireless subscribers in international destinations such as the carriers in the countries mentioned above, and many more.

Global communication just got better, with the introduction of international SMS communication, in addition to international voice communication.

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